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Welcome Writers!

If you are looking to write about code, you are in the right place. We publish articles covering a range of topics as well as writers who range in skill level. Read on to find out how to get started writing and how we are different than other programming blogs.

Types of Articles we Publish

coffeeclass.io is different than other programming blogs. That is because our articles are not only broken up by tags, but also by article type. Below we will detail the 4 types of articles we publish.


The first type of posts are snippets. Think of snippets as stack overflow answers. They are specific articles that aim to answer a question or solve a problem. However, our snippets are a bit more formal than Stack Overflow. They generally follow the following structure:

  • Description of the problem
  • Solution
  • Explanation of solution
  • Other variants

Here is an example of a snippet. As you can see, it includes all of the parts mentioned above.

You'll also notice that it includes interactive examples as well as custom step components. This is another thing that differentiates our site from others. Since all of the posts are .mdx files, we can embed custom components in them! You should definitely take advantage of this and use some custom components in your snippets. You can create your own or use some that are already built.


Tutorials are longer articles that cover a larger range of knowledge. Here are some example tutorial titles to give you a better idea of what a tutorial consists of:

  • Building a Personal Website With Next.js + Chakra-UI
  • Building A TODO list app in Flutter
  • An Introduction to Gatbsy - Building A Simple Blog

As you can see, tutorials are longer than snippets and cover much more. They usually involve building something using multiple tools - but not always. Check out an example of a tutorial here.


Guides are essentially cheat sheets. They cover a specific topic and cover everything about that topic. For example, here are some guide titles:

  • A complete guide to next/image
  • A complete guide to CSS grid
  • A complete guide to firebase_auth pub.dev Flutter package

We try not to create guides about larger topics (like a full language or framework) because then it gets too long. These larger topics are taught through our course section.

Guides are unique because they are livinig documents. This means you can add to guides that have already been created.


Courses are where you can learn full languages and frameworks. They are essentially documentation with examples and exercises included. Think of the freeCodeCamp curriculum. If you want to see what courses we are currently working on, check out the roadmap.

How To Submit an Article

Now that you know what types of articles we publish, it is time to write and submit your article. You can do this 2 ways.

Create a Pull Request

The first way to submit an article is to create a pull request. Let's go through the steps.


Run Locally

Before you do anything with the article, you need to get this site running locally so you are able to create a successfull PR. To do this follow the instructions in the README.md.


Create a new branch

This step is importatn! Create a new branch in the following format: article-slug. The slug will be the article slug you create in the next step.


Add The Article

Create the article inside of the content/articles folder. The file name will be the slug followed by .mdx.

Inside of the file there are 2 things to do. First is the frontMatter. This is at the top of the file. It will look something like this:


title: "Add Algolia's InstantSearch to Next.js - A Quickstart"
description: "Seamlessly integrate Algolia's InstantSearch into your Next.js application and watch the searches roll in!"
seoDescription: "Learn how to add Algolia Search to Next.js using algolia's InstantSearch."
author: "benjamin-carlson.mdx"
publishedAt: "2021-12-17T17:45:00"
tags: ["algolia", "nextjs"]
logoImage: ["algolia.png"]

Let's take a closer look at each of these:

  • title: The title of the article.
  • description: A short description or hook for the article. This is show right under the title to grab peoples attention and give them some insight as to what the article is about.
  • seoDescription: A description of the article for SEO. This should be more detailed with some keyworks.
  • author: The author of the article in the format author-slug.mdx.
  • publishedAt: The date the article was published. This will be updated by a reviewer right before the article is published so feel free to put any value as a placeholder.
  • tags: The tags that the article is associated with. The main tag should go first. Please limit to 5 tags at most!
  • logoImage: The image that will be used as the logo for the article.


author: This file will have to be created if it is your first article. Create it under content/authors/ and name it author-slug.mdx. Add the following info:


Any tags you add will also need to have a .mdx file. Look inside the content/tags folder and create a file for each tag if it is not there already.

name: "Benjamin Carlson"
image: "benjamin-carlson.jpeg"
    website: "https://benjamincarlson.io"
    github: "https://github.com/bjcarlson42"
    twitter: "https://twitter.com/bjmncrlsn"
    youtube: "https://youtube.com/benjamincarlson"

Computer science student, content creator, creator of coffeeclass.io.

As you can see from above, we need your name, image, links, and a short bio. The image will need to be added. Add it to the public/authors folder. A good image is square and not too large!


logoImage: This is the image that will be used as the logo for the article. It will be placed in the public/logos folder. Check if the logo you require is already there. If not, add it.

The second thing to do it to wrtie the article! Feel free to use images and even custom components! Use any existing articles as example for how to format.

Email the Article to Us

If that is too much, feel free to email (ben@carlsontechnologies.dev) the article to us and we'll do all the heavy lifting. We'd prefer if you emailed a link to the article (either a Google Doc or a shared Notion page) rather than emailing the entire article. Be sure to include the following info:

  • Your name
  • A profile Picture
  • A short bio
  • Your social links (5 max please)
  • All frontMatter(see above sections)

Please note, we may lightly edit any articles you submit to fix correctness, grammar, flow, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at ben@carlsontechnologies.dev. Thanks for your interest in writing for coffeeclass.io!




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