What Is Chakra UI?

Introduction to Chakra UI - a simple, modular and accessible component library for React based apps.

Chakra UI is a CSS framework for React based applications (React, Next.js, and Gatsby) which allows you to create accessible React apps with speed.

Pros Of Chakra UI

Here are some of the pros of Chakra UI taken directly from their website.


Chakra UI strictly follows WAI-ARIA standards for all components.


Customize any part of our components to match your design needs.


Designed with composition in mind. Compose new components with ease.

Light and Dark UI

Optimized for multiple color modes. Use light or dark, your choice.

Developer Experience

Guaranteed to boost your productivity when building your app or website.

Active Community

We're a team of active maintainers ready to help you whenever you need.

If these pros look appealing to you, then you should definitely give Chakra UI a try.

Looking Forward

In this series, we will start by installing Chakra UI (in React, Next.js, and Gatsby), use it in a Next.js project, and cover some important, fundamental concepts. This is not intended to be documentation of any sort. If you are looking for that, see the official Chakra UI documentation.

Last updated on August 05, 2021

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