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What Is Python?

Installing Python

Installing Python

Install Python and use an IDE.

Before we can write any Python code, we need to install it. Navigate to and download the correct version for your machine. Make sure you are downloading Python 3.9.x. Once you have this, you should be able to run the command python in your terminal (mac) or command prompt (windows). Try running the statement:

print('hello, world!')

You should see something like this:

terminal running Python code

Congratulations! You just wrote your first line of Python code!

When we write code with Python, we probably dont want to be using the terminal. We can install an IDE or Integrated Development Environment that will speed up our development time. Python's default IDE is IDLE. It is not that good so we will not be using it. Instead, we will be installing VSCode. Navigate to and download the correct version for your machine.

When it finishes installing, open it. A new unnamed file will automatically be created. If you type command + s, you can save your file. Use the .py extension to tell your machine that this is Python code. For example: In the next section we will start writing code!

Last updated on May 14, 2021

What Is Python?




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